The REVEAL research group carries out research in diverse aspects of how to ease the comprehension and evolution of large and complex software systems. Current research is focused on software visualization, mining software repositories, collaborative development, and novel integrated development environments.

Fengcai Wen
September, 2021
Emad Aghajani
September, 2020
Bin Lin
June, 2020
Roberto Minelli
November, 2017
Lile Hattori
February, 2012
Marco D'Ambros
October, 2010
Richard Wettel
September, 2010
Romain Robbes
December, 2008

The DESIGN group is interested in interdisciplinary research around all aspects of the architecture, design and engineering of next-generation Web information systems.

Vincenzo Ferme
February, 2021
Ana Ivanchikj
January, 2021
Masiar Babazadeh
October, 2017
Marcin Nowak
September, 2014
Saeed Aghaee
February, 2014

The SAPE research group is interested in the area between programming languages, runtime systems, and software engineering, with a focus on the efficiency of software, its users, and its developers.

Luis Mastrangelo
October, 2019
Mohammad Azadmanesh
September, 2018
Dmitrijs Zaparanuks
February, 2013
Milan Jovic
September, 2011

The SEART group performs research in the area of software engineering, with a specific focus on software analytics. Current research revolves around recommender systems for software developers, mining software repositories, and empirical software engineering.

Matteo Ciniselli
December, 2023
Rosalia Tufano
December, 2023
Fengcai Wen
September, 2021

The vision of the TAU research group aims at making software testing activities partially or fully automated. The main research directions that are currently being investigated include: (1) search based test case generation; (2) system level, end-to-end test case construction, in particular in the web domain; (3) test oracle assessment and improvement; (4) test of unexpected environment conditions, especially in the domain of Artificial Intelligence based systems. Most of the ongoing research is part of the European Research Council project Precrime.

Michael Weiss
April, 2023

The LuCE research group focuses on computing education and its connections with programming languages and software engineering. Given these three foci, we are particularly interested in how people learn to program.

Andrea Adamoli
November, 2023

The ATOM research group works at the intersection of software engineering, formal methods, and verification technology with the goal of developing rigorous techniques and tools to analyze and improve the quality, correctness, and reliability of software and systems.