The REVEAL (Reverse Engineering, Visualization, Evolution Analysis Lab) group carries out research in diverse aspects of how to ease the comprehension and evolution of large and complex software systems. Current research is focused on software visualization, mining software repositories, collaborative development, and novel integrated development environments.

Csaba Nagy
Emad Aghajani
PhD Student
Tommaso Dal Sasso
PhD Student
Bin Lin
PhD Student

CodeLounge is a center for software research & development, part of the Software Institute at Università della Svizzera Italiana. CodeLounge has two main goals: (1) push research ideas beyond prototypes, making real products out of them, and (2) carry out applied research in the areas of software development, visualization, evolution, and analytics. The encapsulation of CodeLounge within the Software Institute enables collaborating closely with research groups and fostering interdisciplinary projects.

Marco D'Ambros
Michele Lanza
Andrea Mocci
Junior Group Leader
Luca Ponzanelli
Senior R&D Engineer
Jesper Findahl
Junior R&D Engineer

The design group is interested in interdisciplinary research around all aspects of the architecture, design and engineering of next-generation Web information systems.

Vincenzo Ferme
PhD Student
Andrea Gallidabino
PhD Student
Ana Ivanchikj
PhD Student

The SAPE research group is interested in the area between programming languages, runtime systems, and software engineering, with a focus on the efficiency of software, its users, and its developers.

Andrea Adamoli
PhD Student
Luis Mastrangelo
PhD Student